A downloadable game for Windows and Android

** Current build is unstable **

The Vault is a 4-player local co-op mobile (and optionally desktop) puzzle game. You play as a thief in a team of 4. You have access to a control panel which you have to reconfigure the electronic components to unlock a vault door. There are four locks, all which have to be unlocked to open the vault.

The game requires 4 people to start the game. One person must host, and each other player must enter the server's IP address. Once, in, everyone must click the 'ready' button. This would require four physical computers/mobile devices.

You can flick switches to affect the wiring and hopefully disable the locks. You have to be careful, because there are alarms wired to the circuitry and a mis-wire can trigger them. They are however on a timer, so you have a chance to re-wire it if the alarm is sounding.

The idea came from Paul who arrived late but had a better game idea than the rest of us.

He/we though that Godot would be a good choice as it can run well under Linux (½ of the team's OS) and it exports to Android. However only Paul had had experience with it and we found documentation to be a bit lacking (it's a new game engine) and we had some issues

Temporary source link (plz don't steal our hard work :P) https://bitbucket.org/spacehackers/teamofthieves


TheVault.apk 10 MB
TheVault.zip 9 MB